THE BAY kohimarama

Developer: Kensington Properties

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14 unique lifestyle residences providing apartment-style living, with the ample dimensions and privacy of a stand-alone home. From the generous underground parking allowance - three spaces per abode - to the large storage areas and decks, every inch of these 3000 sq ft-plus apartments spells space.

  • basement drainage/placing of draincoil/scoria and backfilling
  • digging of footings and pads for block walls
  • filling and compacting around apartment areas to designed landscaping levels
  • shaping of areas in preparation for lawns and gardens
  • drilling for retaining walls, decks and fence posts
  • all service trenching including power, telephone, data, gas and water
  • excavation and metal preping to concrete level for driveway ramps to basement parking
  • excavation and metal preping for main entrance carriage-way
  • reinstatement of topsoil berms and hot mix foot paths

The 2.5 tonne digger and 4 tonne truck were both utilised extensively on this site to handle all worked requested by the client and were particularly versatile due to their compact sizes.

MWN Civil Ltd were retained onsite full time to the completion of the project utilising our versatile equipment and operator's skills and experience.

Our dedication to the client's requirements aided in the successful completion of this project on schedule. See reference from Kensington Construction.

Dominion Constructors

Sub Contracting on Beach Road Upgrade

Lighting Upgrade
  • Excavation for lighting foundation pads

  • Drilling for lighting foundation piles

  • Trenching for power supply cabling

  • Spoil and aggregate cartage


Dominion Constructors

Sub Contracting on Queen St CBD Upgrade

Tree Pit, Foot Path and new Water Feature Excavation
  • Service locating
  • Demolition work
  • Excavation of site works
  • Back filling of aggregates to design sub-grade
  • Spoil and aggregate cartage
  • Auger drilling for piles

Fletcher Contstruction

Sub Contracting on Northern Busway and Onewa Interchange

Service Ducting/Reinstatement
  • Night and day work

  • Underground ducting, trenching, backfilling and chambers

  • Topsoiling and reinstating areas

  • Swale Drainage


Fletcher Construction

Sub Contracting on Project Eastport (new cement bulk storage)

Excavation and Prep work
  • Tight access work

  • Back filling and compaction around new piles

  • Shaping and preping for foundation footings and floors

  • General site works as required

  • Spoil and aggregate cartage


Swimming Pool Demolition and Reinstatement

Removal of Swimming Pool
  • Demolition of existing swimming pool

  • Re-filling of area to new lawn levels

  • Removal of material from site

  • Re-topsoil and landscape area


Hot Mix Driveway Preparation and Laying

Reinstatement of Bitumen Driveway
  • Removal of existing hotmix

  • Reshape and preparation of driveway base

  • Organise contractor to lay new hotmix



Concrete Driveway Preparation and Laying

Reinstatement of Concrete Driveway
  • Demo of existing rock

  • Removal of existing concrete driveway and footpath

  • Preparation of driveway and footpath base

  • Organise contractor to lay concrete driveway/footpath